5 ways to take care of your motorcycle at home.

            Problems on motorcycles can be headaches at times. There are countless problems that may occur. The issues not only do create inconvenience in your daily routine, so Looking for smart ways to take care of your motorbike?  Here are some basic 5 ways to take care of your motorcycle at home. 

Check the Tires
            It is not possible for bikes to perform well without proper tires condition. After all, it is the tires that carry the load of yourself and your bike on the road. You need to ensure that there is enough pressure in the tires before and after every journey that you make. Checking the tire pressure on a weekly basis would be both sufficient and efficient. You just need to get a pressure checking device which you can find in any maintenance store of the country and it is very easy to use!
Look for battery Condition
            It is very necessary to have your battery checked from time to time. The battery that does not work well is a synonym to inviting trouble, not only physical but from the traffic police as well! If you find your headlights getting dim or your horn not going off in the best way, it is suggested that you find a replacement of the battery sooner than later.

Perform Cleanliness
            Ever seen a motorcycle with a lot of dirt, It is not uncommon to see a bike with dirt but it is common to see a bike with dirt get into trouble. The dirt may affect your clutch, brakes or even block the air filter from filtering the air causing your engine to be heated. This may cause minimal to high damage to your bike. It is better to have a separate cloth to clean your bike from time to time. Best suggestion? Always clean the reachable parts of your bike before traveling anywhere!

Read the Smoke
            Never take a bike for a ride without ensuring a clear smoke! Dark smoke coming out of your bike’s silencer may indicate that your motorcycle is asking for its oil to be checked. Sometimes, the same dark smoke may tell you that the fuel you are using may be of lower quality than required. In this situation, get your bike checked as early as possible. If in a bind whether or not to check the quality of oil, it is suggested that you observe the smoke and take action as per the need.

Mind the clutch and the brakes
            Clutch and brakes are two of the most important parts a bike. It is not possible to travel on a bike without having a clutch, disc brake, and brake shoe in proper condition! Also, it is strongly suggested to make sure that the hand brake is in top condition. It is easy to mend the clutch and brakes at home. Just ensure both are in tight shape and not in a loose shape.