GoldStar Foot Wear - Made In Nepal

                     The footwear industries launched in the mid-1970s were the first and core business of the Universal group. Operate under the name of Modern Slipper Industry Pvt. Ltd & Kiran shoe manufacturers. Since its establishment, the group has established itself as the biggest footwear manufacturing group in Nepal. 

In 1990, The Company launched a mid-priced, value for money brand called GOLDSTAR to service more price-conscious markets. GOLDSTAR is a strong brand made with genuine materials and modern technology. GOLDSTAR is now sold all over Nepal & India and gradually it is gaining popularity in western countries too. 
The next production line was Hawaii Slippers called HATHI, introduced in the early '80s and now widely available in every part of the country. This brand is admired for over three decades. Various ranges of EVA sandals and Hawaii slippers made under this brand. "HathiBalio Ki Hathi Chap Chappal" is a very famous slogan between the costumers of this brand. Hathi slippers and sandals are recognized all over the country for its style and durability.

This company has always first concerned the Research & Development of new cutting edge products, technology, and customer service to expand the business into a new market. They have formed strong relationships around India and throughout the country with Their distributors and their's customers who we greatly appreciate and thank them all for their support and loyalty.
The company has also been fortunate to have received national recognition as a progressive and extremely well-managed business through the best exporter award and best taxpayer in the export category. Their success at these awards is an endorsement of the high quality of Footwear Industries' management and staff and their dedication to cutting edge technologies in Research & Development which enhance the overall well-being, safety, and comfort of the company's clients.

Currently, more than 3000 people are employing directly in five different operating units in Kathmandu, producing more than 75000 pairs every day.